A warm welcome to

Langham Primary School

If you don’t know us very well yet, we are a small primary school with big ambitions. We value every child who comes to our school and are determined to unlock their potential and enable them to discover their talents. Please take a look around and find out more about us.

Our Vision for Langham Primary School

At our school children will: –

Discover a love of learning

We make sure this happens by making sure children and their families are fully involved in their learning. Our creative approach to the curriculum makes sure that learning is exciting and relevant to young enquiring minds.

Discover their voice

We make sure that children have a say. They learn how they can contribute to the school, to the local community and to the world and its future.

Discover friendship

Everyone is treated with care and respect. We look out for each other and this helps us thrive. Children learn the value of friendship with each other and wider communities.

Discover a positive lifestyle

Everyone feels happy and safe. Children know how to live healthily, seize the opportunities life can offer and face its challenges.

Discover their talents

In our school children discover and develop passions and talents that will last a lifetime. Every child has opportunities to explore new things and discover their potential. We celebrate their achievements and success.

Are you looking for a school place?

We currently have spaces in Reception, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 5. We also have a small number of spaces for joining our school in Reception in September. If you would like to consider a place for your child at our school please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Read some testimonials from parents about our school.

Mr. Andrew MacDonald


Langham Primary School

A message from the headteacher

On behalf of the Governing Body, the staff and the pupils here, I welcome you to our school.

The first day at primary school is arguably the beginning of the most important stage in a child’s life. We recognise this and at Langham Primary, we endeavour to make the first days and the next seven years of your child’s education as uplifting and positive as possible. We can achieve this by working together with you to guide, motivate and support your child in everything they do at school.

We are fortunate to have staff with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, supported by a motivated governing body, parents, carers and members of the community. We are also supported by the Friends of Langham School (FoLS) – a team of people, who are dedicated to raising money for for the benefit of the children of Langham Primary School but to provide fun and social experiences.

The children here at Langham Primary School are clearly benefitting from the friendly and happy environment we provide and are growing into responsible, confident, bright and well-rounded young people. We are all proud of their achievements.

Please do browse our website and if you would like to know more about our lovely school, feel free to call me for a chat or to arrange a visit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Andrew MacDonald

Latest School News

Read our half termly newsletters and get a flavour of what we do.


Ofsted Report

We were inspected in November 2023, and judged to be good overall and outstanding in Early Years. Inspectors recognised our 'friendly, caring and inclusive' school where 'children in the early years get off to an exceptional start'.

Parent View

Parent View

Ofsted Parent View is an online survey that allows parents to give their views about their child’s school. By ‘parents’, Ofsted means any person with parental responsibility for a child at the school. Parents can complete the survey at any time. It is also the main mechanism for parents to give their views to inspectors at the time of a school inspection.


School Financial Benchmarking

The school uses the Department for Education’s (DfE’s) Schools Financial Benchmarking website to find similar schools and then compares their per-pupil revenue and expenditure data against spending at Langham Primary School. This allows the school to identify areas where spending is comparatively high or low.