Our school logo represents the Discovery apple variety which was first propagated here in the village in the 1950s. We still have Discovery apples growing on site and we use the name to summarise our aims.

Discover a love of learning  

Our children and their families are fully involved in their learning journey. Our curriculum is driven by curiosity and makes sure that school is exciting and relevant to young enquiring minds. We have high expectations and work hard to grow our ambition, resourcefulness and resilience.

Discover a positive lifestyle  

Everyone feels happy and safe. Children know how to live a healthy lifestyle, look after our planet, seize the opportunities life can offer and face its challenges.

Discover a voice  

We make sure that children have a say. Children learn how they can contribute to their learning, to the school, to the local community and to the future world.


Discover talents  

Children discover and develop passions and talents that will last a lifetime. Every child has opportunities to explore new things and discover their potential.  

Discover friendship  

Everyone is treated with care and respect. We are small enough that every child is known and treated as an individual. Children learn the value of friendship and teamwork with each other and wider communities.  


Our Values

Our values guide us in our journey through school and beyond.

We are respectful
This is about having good manners and treating everybody with respect. We try and understand each other. We are a diverse community and are proud to be part of it. Respect is something we all deserve.

We are team players
Being a team player is important to us. We can do amazing things when we work together.

We persevere

We know it gets tough sometimes. We encourage each other to persevere and are determined to do our very best.

We are courageous
Sometimes we have to be brave. It is important to stand up for what you believe and be heard. It is important to try new things and face your fears.

We are kind
Small acts of kindness make our school a great place to be. Big acts of kindness can change the world and improve lives for everyone.